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Detail of Toolbox

It's In The Box

Apparently the oldest tools found date back some 3.3 million years (at Lake Turkana, Kenya) - they weren't in a toolbox though!

Whether we're talking about small, portable tool storage boxes or larger versions that can be wheeled around, they're a great way to keep your tools safe and organised.

In the early 19th century toolboxes were fashioned from wood, but today of course, metal is often the material of choice - which is where we come in.

From small handy toolboxes to larger work boxes and gang boxes (a larger version for use by many individuals) we'll create a metal marvel!

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Heavenly Stairway Wash and Go Perfect Prop It's In The Box
safety barriers safety access Platform for injection moulding machine

Stay Safe

Safety is a much used word in our line of work, not just in the care we take when working with our tools and machinery, but also in the fabrications we create.

We've been pleased to supply such items as safety barriers for areas housing generators and safety access platforms that incorporate non-slip surfaces.

Do you need to review the safety of your business premises? We'd be pleased to discuss how we can help you.